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We are always looking for scientists and/or artists to help with SciPhotos. If you're interested, send your C.V. or portfolio to

Sciphotos is made up of the following scientists and artists:

Tiffani Manteuffel-Ross - Biologist, Photographer/Artist, Writer

Tiffani is a biologist with interests in animal abundance and habitat distributions, community ecology, and natural resource management. She completed her Master's degree in Biology from University of Central Florida in 2016.  When not investigating the living world around us, she paints nature-inspired watercolors, dabbles in photography, and makes baked goods. Learn more about Tiffani’s research interests at her website: 

Matthew Ross - Artist, Neuroscientist

Matthew is a neuroscientist investigating vocal motor processing, focusing on how the brain changes during development, but is passionate about all things science. He loves art and photography, producing his own digital artwork inspired by science and anatomy. Matthew also plays guitar and piano and has recorded several albums. You can find more of his projects at his website:

Michael Butler – Neuroscientist, Writer

Michael is a neuroscientist studying the neurobiology of energy balance focusing on how the hormone estrogen affects cells in your brain controlling feeding behavior. He has a passion for communicating science to as many people as possible. For more content written by Michael, check out his site at:

Erin Wall - Neuroscientist, Writer, Editor

Erin is our editor extraordinaire and manages our social media outreach. She is currently working on her PhD in neuroscience studying vocal learning. She dances, performs in the band Lonely Creatures, creates fiber arts and loves cats.

Cody Call - Neuroscientist, Writer
Cody is a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. When not doing research you can find him sipping fine teas while playing a game of go.  

Sara Rivas - Artist

You can check out some of Sara's art on her Instagram.

David Brown - Neuroscientist, Writer, Wannabe Mathematician

David is a neuroscientist interested in how our brains construct meaning from the world around us. He loves hiking, statistics, and food science.

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